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2022 Offerings

GIFT Leadership Institute

Do you ever wish for a completely new and energized approach to how your camp thinks about, talks about and engages in fundraising? Many organizations aspire to have a culture of philanthropy. Few ever achieve it. This program is designed to get your camp there.  
The GIFT Leadership Institute intends to prepare nonprofit Jewish Camps and their parent organizations for an organization-wide breakthrough to instill a powerful new culture of philanthropy: a completely new and energized approach to how the organization thinks about, talks about, and engages in fundraising.

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LEAP - Leadership Engagement and Advancement Program

JCamp 180’s LEAP (Leadership Engagement & Advancement Program) was developed to build nonprofit Jewish camp capacity by providing customized training and support to Board Chairs and/or Vice Chairs of affiliated camps to practice healthy, creative, and responsible governance. LEAP is customized, interactive, and free of charge. Created to offer support to camp lay leaders, the program has been developed in response to clients’ requests for “additional Board and Governance support." 

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LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180

LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180 offers eligible camps the opportunity to participate in a supported, four-year training program to launch a sustainable legacy initiative.  The program encourages and supports camps in providing their alumni, parents, donors, and other friends of camp the opportunity to share in the long-term vitality of camp. Successful camps will be eligible for up to $30,000 in incentive grant funding, with active participation, and the achievement of annual goals.

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Camp GPS

JCamp 180 is excited to launch a new fast-paced option for strategic planning in 2022 - Camp GPS. Now your overnight or day camp can map out a strategic direction and goals for the coming years while saving you time and building team clarity. Camps will assemble GPS Teams to participate in a high energy, short duration, hybrid planning process to determine your camp’s strategic priorities and set the organization’s course for the next 3+ years.

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JCamp 180 Enrollment Program

The JCamp 180 Enrollment Program is designed to measurably increase recruitment and retention in both the short- and long-term. The program is based on a comprehensive curriculum that has been developed with the help of outside experts, movement leaders, and camp people like you. Participants will learn how to gather data and evaluate recruitment and retention programs as well as how to implement programs that have been proven successful at other camps.

Note: We are revamping our popular Enrollment Program! We expect to offer an intensive in enrollment in 2022 with additional offerings later in 2022.  Interested in the topic? Please fill out the short interest form here and stay tuned for more details.

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Programs that are NOT active in 2022


GIFT Fundraiser's Training 

JCamp 180 GIFT Fundraiser's Training is structured to provide an understanding of theories of fundraising, tools for implementation, and individual action plans. GIFT was designed in response to requests from camps to have an in-depth training for development professionals. At the core of the program is participation in a community of practice and small group calls designed to share best practices, successes, and challenges.

Note: No cohort of GIFT will be offered in 2022.


Turning Data Into Donors (Data2Donors) provides camps with the skills, tools, and resources to advance major donor fundraising and improve alumni outreach.

Good data practices will help sustain your camp for years to come. JCamp 180's Data2Donors program will provide you with a systematic and supportive approach to increasing the total number of accurate alumni records in your donor database, and then run your data through programs to help identify prospective major donors from among your camp's community. The result will be increased capacity to turn your database into donors of camp.

Note: No cohort of Data2Donors will be offered in 2022.

JCamp 180 Communications Program

The JCamp 180 Communications Program (formerly called JTEC) was developed to help camps optimize their communications efforts to reach their organizational goals. As camps plan for the future, they must connect in a human way with a growing number of supporters and stakeholders. With each passing year, however, comes new communications channels and preferred methods of contact. So, how can camps possibly manage communications using old and new media to engage various constituent groups and move them to act? By working with the Communications Program, camp professionals will learn to set camp communications goals, plan communications across media and audiences, and utilize communications media effectively to reach their organizational goals.

Note: No cohort of the JCamp 180 Communications Program is being offered in 2022.

Financial Literacy

Financial management is more than just a function of an organization’s accounting team. For board members, it can provide a path to better decision-making, more effective planning, and enhanced oversight. For training in this area, please check out this series of three pre-recorded webinars led by FMA that focused on camp-specific financial management topics.