JCamp 180's consulting services focus on fundraising, governance, strategic planning, and technology.

Participation in the JCamp 180 program is by invitation only. JCamp 180 provides the lay leadership (Board of Directors, Camp Committee, Camp Commission, etc.) of participating camps with resources and support in the areas of board development, governance, strategic planning, fundraising, and technology for outreach. 

A dedicated JCamp 180 mentor leads each camp’s lay leadership team through the process of visioning, strategic planning, and most importantly, implementation of that strategic plan. Unlike traditional consultants, our work doesn’t end with the creation of the plan, but rather supports the board through the implementation of their plan. A JCamp 180 mentor pairs their consulting services with highly leveraged matching grants programs to help organizations realize success. 

JCamp 180’s additional activities supplement these mentoring services.

Camps also benefit from their affiliation with JCamp 180 through their access to other programs of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and its PJ Library® program. 

  • PJ Goes to Camp, an operational partner of FJC’s One Happy Camper program, offers up to $1000 to campers who attend a participating Jewish overnight camp for the first time.
  • PJ Our Way provides books and related curricula to campers aged 9-11 who attend camps that participate in that program.

JCamp 180 continually enhances its services based on the needs of its participating organizations.