JCamp 180 Enrollment Program

Special note re Covid-19: The JCamp 180 Enrollment Program has been revised for 2020/2021 to be virtual and responsive to the urgencies camps face now. This program description reflects these changes.

The 2020/2021 JCamp 180 Enrollment Program is designed to measurably increase recruitment and retention in both the short- and long term. Using a strategic planning framework, guided by a comprehensive curriculum, and incorporating a variety of learning formats, each participating camp selects one professional and one lay leader (optional) to systematically assess each aspect of their organization, and cumulatively assemble a customized, data-driven, and adequately resourced plan of action.

The program is designed for: Camps struggling with recruitment, retention, or both (due to Covid-19 or not); camps with historically stable populations and looking to expand; and camps that may need to limit enrollment due to Covid-related restrictions. Camps that have already participated in the program often get a lot of value the second (or third) time around. This program is suited to both overnight camps and day camps.

What's New?

In response to the unique challenges camps are facing now, we've made many updates to the Enrollment Program, including:
  • Systematic analysis of unique threats and opportunities presented by COVID-19
  • Timely updates to the JCamp 180 ROI Analysis Tool (e.g. tuition carryover, capacity and retention limits)
  • Guidance for lay leaders to offset staff reductions
  • And more...
>>Download a printable summary of the program

2020/2021 Enrollment Program Schedule

Upcoming sessions of the Enrollment Program (all times Eastern)

Session Date/Time
Launch Enrollment Program w/ 90 min Webinar 9/15/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 9/22/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Webinar- 90 min 10/6/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 10/13/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Webinar- 90 min 11/3/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 11/10/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Webinar- 90 min 12/1/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 12/8/2020 2:00pm
Enrollment Webinar- 90 min 1/5/2021 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 1/12/2021 2:00pm
Enrollment Webinar- 90 min 2/2/2021 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 2/9/2021 2:00pm
Enrollment Webinar- 90 min 3/2/2021 2:00pm
Enrollment Peer Working Group- 60 min 3/9/2021 2:00pm
Final Retreat Part 1 4/6/2021 2:00pm
Final Retreat Part 2 4/7/2021 2:00pm
Final Presentations of Enrollment Plans 4/13/2021 2:00pm

Message from Enrollment Program Director Aron Goldman

Program Outcomes

At the end of the program, the participants will be:

  • Fluent in the JCamp Enrollment Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis Tool and underlying concepts
  • Current in new enrollment dashboards and tracking/reporting systems
  • Prepared to expand pricing and incentive schemes
  • Clear on target markets and commensurate marketing strategies
  • Committed to building enrollment into all staff and board roles
  • Equipped with a customized and comprehensive strategic plan for enrollment
  • Poised to launch and track a revamped enrollment campaign

Why Participate in the JCamp 180 Enrollment Program?

“This has been a fantastic opportunity to network and connect with the most amazing camp professionals in the industry, to learn from them, and hopefully they learned a little bit from us.”

- Evan Roth, JCamp 180 Enrollment Program Alum

Program Requirements

  • Affiliated and in good standing with JCamp 180
  • Commitment and active participation of (at least) one staff person (and one board member - optional)
  • Committed to allocating 4-6 hours/week/person (includes group and individual work)
  • Prepared to internalize and operationalize new strategies and tools
  • Open to new data-driven systems for long-term growth

What You Can Expect

  • Revised curriculum to address the COVID-19 challenges (PDF and hard copy)
  • Relevant homework assignments
  • Multi-format virtual sessions, incorporating a range of presenters and facilitators, panelists, case studies, and peer mentoring and exchange, and individual check-ins
  • Program cost for program underwritten by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation

Registration for the 2020/2021 Cohort is now closed.

Questions? Contact JCamp 180 Mentor Aron Goldman: aron@hgf.org or 413-218-7865

Enrollment Resources

There are a variety of resources to help with improving enrollment at camp on our knowledge center, including recorded webinars from previous cohorts of the JCamp 180 Enrollment Program.

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