Establishing or Strengthening a Major Donor Program

GLI+ is a new, all-virtual training for camp teams who’ve completed GIFT Leadership Institute (GLI). The purpose is to guide your team in establishing or strengthening a Major Donor Program to lead to greater donor loyalty, deeper engagement, and fundraising breakthroughs. 

GLI+ is invitation-only. Organizations that have completed GLI are eligible to take part in GLI+.
In GLI+ you will:
  • Learn how to establish and build a major donor program
  • Learn how to design and conduct donor “discovery” meetings
  • Create individual goals and plans to meet those goals for each donor
  • Roll out your plans and conduct supportive progress meetings for portfolio holders
Even if your camp has enjoyed some success with major donor work, you will benefit from GLI+’s focus on:
  • Proactively identifying and qualifying more donors
  • Assigning donor portfolios to each team member
  • Crafting individual, customized strategies for each of the top 10% of your donors
  • Establishing a team approach to portfolio management with regular progress check-ins to assure progress, troubleshoot issues, and maintain mutual accountability
A reminder that to participate in GLI+ you must have full participation….
  • Establish a team of (at minimum) your Executive Director, top development staff, and a lay leader. I strongly encourage you to include some program staff (e.g., camp director) and multiple board members
  • Attend two, 120-minute webinars teaching the Structures, Behaviors, and Hearts & Minds of establishing or growing a Major Donor Program
  • Attend one, 120-minute webinar focusing on emerging questions, troubleshooting challenges, and breakthroughs
  • Attend monthly check-in calls with ALL participating GLI+ camps
GLI+ Key Dates
  • Introductory Webinar Part 1: Monday, Jan. 23, 3-5 pm EST
  • Introductory Webinar Part 2: Wednesday, Jan. 25, 3-5 pm EST
  • Breakthroughs and Questions: Monday, March 27, 3-5 pm EST
  • Monthly GLI+ calls, January through October:  Second Monday of the month, 3-5 pm EST

Please contact us if you have any questions about the program.