Enrollment Program


The JCamp 180 Enrollment Program is designed to give camps the tools to increase both the retention of current campers and the recruitment of new families. The program is based on our philosophy that strong retention and recruitment involves four core elements:
  • Effective storytelling
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • A great summer program
Participants will learn how to tell their story, gather data, evaluate their recruitment work, and create a comprehensive approach to enrollment efforts.

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2023/2024 Enrollment Series

JCamp 180 is offering a series of webinars designed to give camp professionals the tools and skills to increase recruitment and retention. The series emphasizes the core elements of enrollment.

The series is designed for all camps: small and large camps; day and overnight camps; camps struggling with retention/recruitment and those doing well and looking to improve. 

NEW FOR 2024: We are creating a workbook to help guide camps in their learnings in order to create and implement action plans. 

The learning program will continue to offer drop-in webinars, with opportunities for expanded peer sharing. 

Although this year's topics haven't been finalized, there will be a lot of overlap with the topics offered last year, which included:

  • Fundamentals of Recruitment and Retention
  • Creating Raving Fans: Customer Service at Camp
  • Data driven Recruitment Strategy
  • Sharing Your Story
  • Partnerships and Incentives
  • Marketing & Communications Planning

You can find recordings from the 2022/2023 series on our website.

Learning Outcomes

Participants in all sessions will:

  • Learn recruitment and retention ideas from experienced practitioners.
  • Have the opportunity to share their challenges with peers and learn from their experiences. 
  • Be able to clearly articulate the unique story of their camp and why kids should attend.
  • Understand the importance of tracking data and using that data to inform enrollment decisions.
Let me know when the 2023/2024 webinar details are available!

Enrollment Resources

There are a variety of resources to help with improving enrollment at camp on our knowledge center, including recorded webinars from previous cohorts of the JCamp 180 Enrollment Program.