JCamp 180 Research & Evaluation

Reports, data visualizations, and other insights.

Camp Insights

Since 2019, JCamp 180 has surveyed camp professional and lay leaders to understand the impact of societal trends on camp. The Camp Insights report shares the results of those findings and what they mean for nonprofit Jewish camps.

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Insights Interviews

Starting in 2024, we are exploring more deeply the challenges and opportunities posed by the top societal trends from the Camp Insights report, and the solutions that camps are developing in response. This exploration includes Insights Interviews, conversations with leaders and innovators from the camping field.

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Choose Abundance: A Proven Sector-Based Approach to Building a Culture of Philanthropy

In 2022, JCamp 180 engaged Sea Change Strategies to learn how its GIFT Leadership Institute is impacting camps and their parent organizations, and helping them build a Cutlure of Philanthropy.

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