LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180

LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180 provides training, support, and monetary incentives to motivate Jewish Camps affiliated with JCamp 180 to secure after-lifetime commitments with the aim of building permanent endowments that will sustain vibrant Jewish camps for years to come.

JCamp 180 is delighted to offer the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s LIFE & LEGACY® curriculum and support to eligible JCamp 180 camps. Since its inception in the fall of 2012, LIFE & LEGACY® has helped over 680 Jewish organizations, in 63 communities throughout North America, to raise more than a billion dollars in future gifts, assuring Jewish tomorrows.


Through LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180, Jewish camps will have access to high quality training, best practices in legacy fundraising and outstanding resources currently available to Jewish communities in the U.S. and Canada. With the availability of generous incentive grants combined with consistent professional coaching, training and recognized branding, there has never been a better time for camps to embark on legacy fundraising.

LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180 will offer eligible camps the opportunity to participate in a supported, four-year training program to launch a sustainable legacy initiative. Successful camps will be eligible for up to $30,000 in incentive grant funding, with active participation, and the achievement of  annual goals.

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“The Camp Legacy Initiative was a true gift to our camp. We so desperately needed a nest egg for our future and needed direction and guidance on how to achieve that goal. Without the Harold Grinspoon Foundation we would have never accomplished this in such a professional way.”

- Rivkie Lafer, Chair, Camp Moshava of Wild Rose Wisconsin

For More Information

Your camp is eligible to apply if you are affiliated with JCamp 180 and have not previously participated in a JCamp 180 Camp Legacy Initiative.


Applying to LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180

Click here to apply for the program.  Applications are administered through our online grants portal.  You will need your camp’s user name (email) and password to access the LIFE & LEGACY® for JCamp 180 program application.  

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For more information or if you have questions, please reach out to Julia Riseman.

Camp Legacy Initiative Success

Congratulations to all of the camps that have received the JCamp 180 Gail Littman Memorial Legacy Stewardship Award!

Camps receiving their Legacy Program Bonus Checks at our Annual Conference.

Camps receiving their Legacy Program bonus checks at our annual conference.