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Camping Business Services

JCamp 180 provides services in a variety of areas related to the business of running camp that contribute to the long-term organizational effectiveness and financial sustainability of camp. These specialty areas include enrollment (recruitment and retention strategies), marketing and communications, financial literacy and management, alumni engagement, and data-informed decision-making.

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Strong enrollment is a key ingredient in the long-term financial sustainability of nonprofit Jewish summer camps. Building on Jewish camps’ foundation of excellent programming and a great product offering, JCamp 180 offers an enrollment program that focuses on recruitment of new camper families, as well as the core components that lead to strong camper family retention: Data, Storytelling, Customer Service, and Program. Our program focuses on the first three elements of data, storytelling, and customer service.

Marketing and Communications

JCamp 180 believes strong marketing and communications contribute to successful enrollment, fundraising, and community engagement. Our consultants can work with your team to evaluate and provide recommendations on your year-round and summer communications strategies and plans. We offer webinars and helpful resources on these topics and can provide training to year-round and seasonal staff ahead of the summer.

Financial Literacy and Management

Effective financial management is a key to long-term financial sustainability of camp. JCamp 180 can help strengthen the financial literacy of camp staff and lay leaders, resulting in better decision-making, more effective planning, and enhanced financial oversight. We provide resources and tools in financial management, including comparative budget data across nonprofit Jewish camps and a set of 3 pre-recorded webinars led by FMA that focus on camp-specific financial management topics. JCamp 180 consultants can also review camp financial statements to help them better understand their financial health and work more effectively with their accountants as well as providing target financial modeling.

Alumni Engagement

Alumni of nonprofit Jewish camp care passionately about their camp experience and have deep feelings of nostalgia for their experience as campers and/or staff at camp. They are also the most likely people to step up for camp by sharing their love for camps via word of mouth; sending their children to camp; volunteering their time to support camp, including on the board or a committee; and supporting camp financially. Establishing and maintaining a life-long connections with alumni takes time, attention, and intentional effort to provide alumni with what they need and want from camp. JCamp 180 provides resources, learning, and consulting services to help camps develop and implement a plan that engages their alumni.

Data-Informed Decision-Making

Foundational to our methodology

The importance of data to leading organizations is no longer disputed, yet many camps still struggle to fully realize the value of their data. How do you transform into a more data-driven organization? JCamp 180 strives to incorporate data-informed decision-making into all our programs and offerings, and help camps embrace a “data culture.” The goal for our work in data-informed decision-making is to ensure camps use existing/potential data (as one of many levers) to help make the best possible decisions. JCamp 180 consultants can provide comparison data across the field of nonprofit Jewish camps based on reported data from the Jewish Camp Census and help camps incorporate data into their plans and decision-making processes. JCamp 180 also hosts a Community of Practice with leading practitioners in the camp data sphere.

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