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Volunteer governing bodies sustain Jewish summer camping; JCamp 180 works to strengthen these boards and committees to best support their camps. Teaching lay leaders good governance is the way to optimize their time and make it a rewarding experience for them, while leveraging their individual and collective ability to positively impact the camp, its mission, and its community. They are camp’s best supporters, ambassadors, and sources of referrals (of campers, staff, other volunteers and lay leaders, donors/funders, other partners, and resources), so camps need to invest in them, their nonprofit education, and their growth.

JCamp 180’s governance services focus on training existing boards, coaching individual lay leaders, and working on recruiting and onboarding new volunteers. Our services fall into three main categories:


Board Structure and Composition

JCamp 180 helps camps build strong boards with a Governance structure that is most effective for their organization. We help both fiduciary and non-fiduciary boards build an effective structure that considers diversity, size, committees, policies/bylaws, and individual roles.

Board and Organizational Culture

JCamp 180 helps camps develop effective internal Governance processes and policies including board meetings, communications (board, staff, and stakeholders), retreats, and policies/bylaws.

Board Roles and Responsibilities

JCamp 180 helps camp boards set organizational direction (mission/vision, strategic planning); recruit and engage board and committee members; ensure the organization’s financial health; provide financial and legal oversight; hire, support, and evaluate the top professional; and create relevant written bylaws and policies.

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