Tech Tools for Board Effectiveness - September 22nd, 2009

THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY: Is your Board struggling to manage your board documentation? Having trouble finding times when everyone can meet? Keep losing people from long email discussions? Could your Board be run more effectively? On Tuesday, September 22nd at 1 PM EST, JCamp 180 Mentor Julia Riseman presented "Tech Tools for Board Effectiveness." She shared a few free or low-cost tools that can get your Board running more effectively - so it can focus on its most important tasks. 

The presentation and a recording of the Webinar itself are available below.


Tech Tools for Board Effectiveness PowerPoint - Download
This presentation offers an overview of common problems Boards face with managing meetings, discussions, and documentation. Learn about some technology tools that are available to help resolve these problems and allow Boards to function as effectively as possible.

Watch "Tech Tools" Webinar Recording

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