Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why It's Worth the Cost

By Julia Riseman, Mentor, JCamp 180

Inspired by this article from Nonprofit Quarterly

Before I started working for JCamp 180, I was hard at work in the non-profit sector, co-founding two non-profits from my home-office in my free time. This involved building the Boards of Directors from the ground up, establishing fundraising, and creating noticeable impact right from the get go. In those very lean early years, there was no money for expensive things like full financial audits or Director's Liability Insurance, or so I thought. 

And then one of my best, and most philanthropic Board members resigned. Without Director's Liability Insurance in place, she was unwilling to take on the personal risk of serving on the Board, even as she adored everything about the organization. Next, a big foundation took a pass on providing us with a generous grant because we lacked a full audit of our financials. It stung.

So this is my question to all of you Board members out there: Do you know if your Camp or your Camp's parent organization has you covered and protected with insurance in place? If you don't know, you should ask. If the answer is no, you might want to read this article from Nonprofit Quarterly about why Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is worth the cost, and push for a change.