More Resources for Jewish Camp Fundraisers

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Curated by Mentor Julia Riseman and Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone

We recently shared a list of recommended "must read" blogs and eNewsletters for anyone involved in fundraising.

Now we are sharing recommended books, conferences, and membership organizations to consider.

Have other favorite resources? Let us and your peers know about them!

Conferences/Membership Organizations to Consider

Recommended Books

It's Not Just About the Money: How to Build Authentic Major Donor Relationships
by Richard Perry and Jeff Schreifels
This book, from the authors of the Veritus Group Passionate Giving Blog, helps organizations create the culture and systems they need to engage donors for major gifts.

It takes both emotions and logic to run a successful major gifts program. This book "focuses on developing a culture of philanthropy in your organization that is centered around the desires of donors to make a positive impact on the world...and gives you step-by-step methods to improve your major gift program based on metrics, goals and accountability.

Perry and Schreifels will speak about the ideas in this book at the November 2015 JCamp 180 Conference.

Asking: A 59-Minute Guide to Everything Board Members, Volunteers, and Staff Must Know to Secure the Gift
by Jerold Panas

Many people involved in fundraising fear "the ask." This book takes the fear out of asking. An easy read, it includes practical tools, examples, and even role play scripts to help anyone on your team get beyond the fear of asking. Could be a good book for your board members and other volunteers involved in soliciting gifts at your organization.

The Generosity Network
by Jeff Walker and Jennifer McCrea

Do you feel like your job in fundraising is focused on managing limited resources? In this book, Walker and McCrea share how to shift your organization from one that 'harnesses resources' to one where resources are "unleashed."

How can each of us see ourselves not as "salespeople" but as one node in a network of individuals who connections are unlimited? What if our job as development professionals, camp directors and lay leaders was to partner with generous philanthropists and community members who share our passion? This book is "designed to energize and empower nonprofit leaders, managers, donors, board members, and other supporters" and make fundraisers' work more successful and enjoyable.

Co-author Jeff Walker joined JCamp 180 Mentor Laurie Herrick for a live discussion about the book. You can view the recorded discussion and related resources here.

by Chip and Dan Heath

Want to develop a culture of philanthropy at your organization? Need your staff and board members to take on new fundraising tasks? That will require change.

This book by the Heath Brothers shows how you can effect transformative change in both your personal lives and at work. Using a story-driven narrative, great examples, and research from psychology and sociology, the authors show how to fight the emotional mind (which loves the comfort of your existing routine) and provide the rational mind (which wants to make a change) with a pathway to success.
We all struggle with change. This book shows that successful changes follow a pattern, one that you can use to make changes in your personal and professional lives. Once you read this book, you'll find yourself thinking about it in a variety of situations.

To Sell is Human
by Daniel Pink

Fundraisers often have to convince the rest of the organization to prioritize development efforts. In this book, Pink shows that we all are salespeople, always persuading others to take action: buy a computer, give a donation, do their homework, change their habits or processes, etc. In addition to showing how we all need to "sell," Pink provides a framework for improving our selling skills: Attunement (the ability to imagine the emotions, perceptions, and motivations of another person), Buoyancy (the ability to stay afloat amidst an ocean of rejection), and Clarity (the ability to help others see their situations in fresh and more revealing ways and to identify problems they didn't realize they had). He describes each of these topics and provides exercises to help readers improve in all three areas.

by Jonah Berger

How can your annual appeal, crowdfunding campaign, or other fundraising effort "go viral?" Although there is no "silver bullet" to ensure something goes viral, author Jonah Berger shows 6 key STEPPS that can help your idea, program, or organization get talked about and shared, both online and off. He provides tips and examples for attracting good word of mouth. His 6 key STEPPS include are Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, and Stories. Berger delves deeply into each of these to show how you can incorporate them into your organization, product, service, and communications to help people spread the word about you.