Sustain Your Match 2


Sustain Your Match 2 advances the dual JCamp 180 goals of encouraging camps to expand their donor database and of stewarding new donors. This three year long program rewards camps for reaching out to individuals who have never previously given to the camp and for maintaining these first time donors for three consecutive years. The program matches a portion of new donor gifts as low as $100 up to the first $2,500 of all new gifts. The portion of each gift matched by JCamp 180 increases in each successive year of this three year program. Through its increasing match formula, the program rewards donors who repeat and increase their gifts over the duration of the program.

Review the Sustain Your Match 2 brochure for more details about the structure of this matching grant program.


Participation in Sustain Your Match 2 is by invitation. A select number of JCamp 180 affiliated camps that are not participating in any other active matching grant programs will be invited to participate in Sustain Your Match 2. This restriction excludes from Sustain Your Match 2 all camps currently participating in the Create Your Match 6, Meet Your Match 7, Chai Match 3, Chai Match 4, and DAY Camp 1 and 2 programs. Also excluded are camps that have not yet completed the Chai Match 2 program. The director of JCamp 180 will determine the final eligibility for participation in Sustain Your Match 2

Key Guidelines

For calendar year 2017, gifts from new donors that range between $100 and $2,500 will be matched at 20% of the value of that gift up to a limit of $500 in matched funds per gift. There is a maximum payout in 2017 of $17,000 from JCamp 180 to each camp.

For calendar year 2018, gifts from the same donors who contributed in 2017 will be matched at 20% of the value of their 2016 gift up to a limit of $500 in matched funds per gift. Donor contributions must be a minimum of $100 in 2018. There is a maximum payout in 2018 of $17,000 from JCamp 180 to each camp.

For calendar year 2019, gifts from Sustain Your Match 2 donors (those who contributed in 2017 and 2018) will be matched at a minimum of 20% of the value of their 2019 gift for the first $2,500 of each gift. The actual match of gifts in year 3 of this program may be adjusted upward based on available funds. The actual matching formula for year 3 will be announced in January, 2019.

To qualify for matching funds, gifts through the program must be received outside of donor activities or programs, although the use of donated funds may be designated within the limits of this program. Because it is the intent of this program to develop and sustain new donors, gifts must be unrelated to events or programs for which value is received. Therefore, qualifying gifts may not be residual gifts (gifts above value received) from auctions, raffles, golf tournaments, tribute dinners, or other such programs.


Selected JCamp 180 affiliated camps will be invited to apply for participation in the Sustain Your Match 2 program. Applications must be completed through the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's on-line grants management program. Please contact the Grants Department at if you have any questions about IGAM, our online grants management system.

Click Here to Fill Out a Sustain Your Match 2 Application

Informational Webinar

On February 16, 2017, JCamp 180 Director Mark Gold and HGF Grants Administrator Kate Rodowicz led a webinar for eligible camps on the rules and processes for Sustain Your Match 2. You can view the recording of the webinar below:


The Sustain Your Match 2 program is administered by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation grants administration team using an on-line system. All matching grant requests must be submitted through the online grant management system that can be access by clicking on this link.  The grant management system acknowledges all submissions by e-mail.  It is the responsibility of the submitter to assure that documentation has been received by JCamp 180.

Guidelines & Downloads

Note: This webpage is a general guideline and is intended to summarize the rules of the matching grant program. The matching grant brochure describes the official rules of the program. Please address all inquiries regarding the applications to