How Emma Kaufmann Camp Reached a Long-Lost Alumni…and their Fundraising Goal!

We love hearing how our affiliated camps take on new challenges...and leverage our programs for success!

For example, Emma Kaufmann Camp recently ran their first ever crowdfunding campaign called the "Tush Push." This campaign allowed them to "test run" all the data they collected and cleaned up through our Data2Donors program.

The campaign - run completely through email and social media - was a huge success! They exceeded their goal of $43,000 with gifts from over 370 donors.

The 2nd largest gift was from David, an alum who worked at camp in the 1960s. His mother had worked at the local JCC running the senior adult lunch program. When David's mother passed away in the mid-1990s, David and his brother set up a Memorial Fund in her name. The funds had dwindled over the years to $4,600. David and his brother had been trying to find the right cause for the remaining money. It turns out that David was one of the long-lost alumni re-discovered through Data2Donors! David called camp after he got an email about the Tush Push campaign and said he would love to give the remaining money from their mother's fund to the campaign.

Rachael Speck, Director of Communication and Alumni Engagement at Emma Kaufmann said, "there is a good chance we would not have made the goal without David's donation. Had we not done Data2Donors, we would have probably never found David at all."

Bottom Line: Improve your fundraising efforts by finding the most up-to-date and accurate information about your existing donor base and then make it easy for them to donate!

Crowdfunding is a convenient and efficient way to help meet your fundraising goals. Consider combining crowdfunding with your traditional fundraising efforts. If you’re new to crowdfunding, check out this article on 5 Game Changing Pro Tips for Non Profit Crowdfunding

Written by Tara Acker. Tara is a Mentor with JCamp 180. Her focus areas at JCamp 180 include Jewish Camp Branding, Day Camps, financial literacy for Jewish Camps and organizational development. 
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