Turning Data Into Donors (Data2Donors) provides camps with the skills, tools, and resources to advance major donor fundraising and improve alumni outreach.

What is Data2Donors?

Good data practices will help sustain your camp for years to come. JCamp 180's Data2Donors program will provide you with a systematic and supportive approach to increasing the total number of accurate alumni records in your donor database, and then run your data through programs to help identify prospective major donors from among your camp's community. The result will be increased capacity to turn your database into donors.

What Data2Donors covers:

1. Finding Lost Alumni
Data2Donors will help participating camps:
  • Run donor/alumni list through AlumniFinder (paid for by JCamp 180).
  • Develop a systematic approach to finding lost alumni.
  • Improve the number of good alumni and camp family names/contact information in their donor database.
  • Train volunteers to identify and reconnect with lost alumni.
2. Major Donor Prospect Research
Data2Donors will help participating camps:
  • Run donor/alumni list through WealthEngine (paid for by JCamp 180).
  • Prepare a qualified major donor prospect list.
  • Train volunteers to review major donor prospect lists.
  • Succeed at major donor fundraising.
3. Database Maintenance
Data2Donors will help participating camps:
  • Improve their donor database maintenance and management.
  • Improve the quality and functionality of their database.
  • Pinpoint and clean up database problems.
  • Improve ability to use data to increase fundraising.

Interested in Taking Part in Data2Donors?

If you have any questions about Data2Donors or are interested in taking part in the program, please contact your JCamp 180 Mentor or Program Director Julia Riseman.


Watch Data2Donors: Click here for a full set of Data2Donors webinars.

Read Data2Donors: This complete book describes tasks and best practices for getting the most out of Data2Donors. You can now download the full book in one pdf:

For more information about Data2Donors, please contact Mentor Julia Riseman at or Kevin Martone at