Sample Giving Day Communications Examples

Sample emails and social media posts to use for #givingtuesday, Jewish CampGivingDay, or other Giving Day

Communicating with your supporters during a Giving Day like #GivingTuesday or CampGivingDay is a key to a successful campaign. But what should you say? And when?

Here are some sample emails or social media posts we developed for the pilot Jewish CampGivingDay in 2018, but they can easily be modified for any Giving Day. These are communications to share from ~1 week before the giving day through the day itself.

Ideally you’ll edit these examples to make them fun, visual, and as relevant for your camp as possible. If you can include fun photos and video with these communications, especially on social media, all the better. 

Looking for more general Giving Day tips? Check out our article on the topic.

Send BEFORE CampGivingDay

Prep your supporters now, before CampGivingDay. Hera are a couple of sample emails you could send to your audience (edit to make them as personal and relevant for your camp audience as possible):

Send 1 week before CampGivingDay:


SUBJECT LINE: CampGivingDay is coming up fast!

Hi {first_name}!  
Did you know that next week is the first even CampGivingDay?  We're excited to be a part of this big event, and really hoping we can raise more than our fellow Midwest nonprofit Jewish camps. Can you help us?

We’ve set a goal to raise $<goal> in just 24 hours. It'll take everyone to get it done, but the impact your donations will have is going to be incredible. 

Here's what you can do right now: start spreading the news to your camp friends – make sure they join us on CampGivingDay – November 27th, 2018

Thank you!


Did you know we are participating in the first ever CampGivingDay? It’s almost here – Tuesday, November 27!. Help us outraise the other Midwest Jewish Camps participating in this year’s giving day. Be ready to donate on Tuesday and encourage your camp friends to chip in as well! 

Send Monday (Day Before CampGivingDay) 


SUBJECT LINE: Tomorrow is CampGivingDay!

Tomorrow we need your help as we raise $<goal> to fund <what the money funds>. You are the key to helping <Camp Name> reach its goal and outraise the other camps in CampGivingDay! Get a good night’s sleep – we are going to need your social sharing powers tomorrow.  Be ready to email your camp friends and share that you are giving on your social media channels.

Thank you!


How much good can be done in a single day? Let’s find out! Our CampGivingDay goal is <your $ goal>—will you help? Come back tomorrow ready to help create magical memories at camp!

Send DURING CampGivingDay

Send Tuesday Morning (CampGivingDay!) 


SUBJECT LINE: CampGivingDay is here!

Are you ready to join your <Camp Name> friends on CampGivingDay, {first_name}?  

We need your help to raise $<goal> to fund <what the money funds>.

What can YOU do?
  • Give! Click here to donate to camp now! <add link to donate>
  • Tell your friends! In addition to your donation today, could you also tell your friends on your social channels that you gave and ask them to join you? Please include the link to donate in your posts and emails <add link to donate here> 
Can we reach our goal AND outraise our fellow camps? With YOUR help…YES WE CAN!


Rise and shine campers - it’s CampGivingDay! We're celebrating by committing to raise <your $ goal> in just 24 hours. These funds will enable us to <do what you do>, but we can only reach our goal with your help!

Will you be the first CampGivingDay donor?! Donate here: <URL>

P.S. Tell your camp friends to join us and help us reach our goal. 😊

Send Halfway Through CampGivingDay

SUBJECT LINE: Join the CampGivingDay party!

Come celebrate with us! We're making progress toward our goal of raising $<goal> during this day of giving. It's been an absolute honor to see everyone donate and share this campaign—with just a little more pushing, we'll be at our goal.  

What can you do now?

If you haven't donated yet, go donate! If you've already donated, share this link {INSERT CAMPAIGN LINK} with your family, friends, and social networks. We can only accomplish this goal if everyone joins in. Let's do it!


We're well into CampGivingDay and making great progress toward our goal!
We need your help to reach our goal…and make sure <Camp Name> comes out on top in this FIRST EVER CampGivingDay!  Whether you can give $5 or $5000, your gift will get us closer to our goal to fund <your programs>! JOIN US HERE: <URL> 

Share with your camp friends!

Send When You are Nearing the End of CampGivingDay


Don't miss your chance to be a part of CampGivingDay! Thanks to
everyone who has donated so far - we are SO CLOSE to our goal! Your
donation today is helping to <do what you do>. DONATE HERE: <URL>

Send When Goal Reached or at End of CampGivingDay


SUBJECT LINE: It’s Over: the first ever CampGivingDay is in the books!

Thank you, {first_name}!  

With your help and the support of <total number of donors> amazing donors, we raised $<amount you raised> on CampGivingDay. With these funds, we'll be able to <what will it accomplish? Send x kids to camp?>! We can't thank you enough for giving of your time and shares; it's truly an honor to have your support. You can bet we're gonna let all the campers and families benefitting from this campaign know that you were a huge part of it. ;)

How your donation helped:
  • <Specify something tangible the funds can provide – x kids get a week at camp?>
  • <Specify something else tangible the funds can provide – x grilled cheese sandwiches?>
  • <Specify one more tangible thing the funds can provide – ???>
  • Countless magical moments at camp in the years to come
Seriously, this has been one of our most successful fundraising events ever... and continuing our work is only possible because you’re on our team.

Thank You!


WOW! YOU DID IT! We can't thank you enough making this CampGivingDay a huge success. With the generous support of over <#> donors, we've raised <$ raised> in just one day! These funds will
<what you do>. THANK YOU! We <3 you.