Essential Fundraising Resources

Templates and Samples to Simplify Camp Fundraising Efforts

Check here for fundraising tools - templates and samples - to help you get the most out of your fundraising efforts without demanding too much of your time, energy, and attention.

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Pre-Summer 2023

ASK: Last Minute Targeted Solicitation Call Script

Right before camp, last-minute unforeseen needs crop up.  A boiler blows. Or a roof springs a leak. Or a family has a setback and suddenly needs financial aid or their kids won’t be able to go to camp.

Maybe you can cover the expense out of operations, but you may also have just been presented the perfect giving opportunity for a special donor.

Some folks like to be the hero. Others only want to attach their giving to something tangible. Last-minute surprise needs can activate that kind of donor.

It’s crunch time, and every minute is precious. Using one of those minutes to make a call with a very specific and timely ASK could prove to be your smartest fundraising step all year.

Tool:  Last Minute Targeted Solicitation Call Script:

Hi <Donor Name>!

This is <Name> from <Camp Name>. How are you today?

Great! We are excited about the first day of camp – just <#> days away!

I’m calling you today because we have an urgent need that just came up that I thought you might want to know about. <Describe need>. I thought this might be the kind of thing you like to support. <Explain why>. So I wanted to ask you to consider funding this <urgent need> with a gift to camp of <$$> to ensure it is ready to go for our campers this year. What do you think?

If no: Thank you for listening and thank you for making camp a reality for so many children this summer! Keep an eye out for news from <Camp Name> this summer.

If yes: Thank you so much for stepping up for <Camp Name>! Let me know how you’d like to donate and we’ll get it taken care of. Thank you for all your support!

THANK: Donor Visit Planning Checklist

Bringing donors to camp is the best way to show them the impact of their generosity. How can you make sure the visits are as special as possible? Start with a donor visit planning checklist.

You can find many other samples to help with your donor visits on our website, including an invitation and a camp visit follow-up letter.

Be sure every touchpoint – from the invitation through follow-up – makes your donor feel appreciated and cared for.

Tool: Donor Visit Planning Checklist

REPORT: Sample Email with Video from Camp

Stewarding donors means confirming, informing, and affirming. A great way to report impact is to share a short video showing what their gifts make possible. Think quick shots of opening day, Havdalah, color war, or any other moment illustrating the unique ruach of your camp. You can use just a few seconds of video shot on a cellphone. Think campy not fancy. Or repurpose video you send out to parents for donors. It’s a vivid way to show donors their impact.

Tool: Sample Email with Video from Camp:

Hi <Donor Name>!

Summer at <Camp Name> is off to an incredible start! Thanks to generous friends like you, <xx> campers are creating forever memories. I wanted to share a short video from <moment at camp> to show you the joyous Judaism you are helping create this summer. Thank you again for your continued support of <Camp Name>!

>> Click here to enjoy the <moment of camp> video! <LINK TO SHORT VIDEO>

BONUS: Summer Media Checklist

Summer is the ideal time to capture the impact of your donors’ gifts. It's the time to collect the pictures, videos, and stories you can use to ask, thank, and report year-round. This checklist includes media for a variety of needs, not just development. For example, ask your photographer to take photos of campers holding blank signs that can be filled in with “Thank you!” or other phrases digitally later.

Tool: Summer Media Checklist

Spring 2023

ASK: Sample Spring E-Appeal

The days leading up to camp offer a great opportunity for alumni to recall the excitement they felt counting the days and dreaming of getting back to camp. You can call on those happy memories in a spring email appeal.  

Keep in mind: an enticing Subject line helps ensure that more people will see your appeal. Use the word “You” or your recipient’s first name if your data allows. Ask a Question – “Do You Remember That Feeling?” - that will provoke the reader’s curiosity enough to open the message. 

ToolSample Spring E-Appeal

THANK: Sample Spring Gift Acknowledgement

How often do you update your gift acknowledgement letters/emails?

The lead up to camp is a perfect opportunity for a refresh that doesn’t sound like a generic letter that any nonprofit could send. Here’s a template you could start with and tweak to include your camp’s unique messaging. 

Tool: Sample Spring Gift Acknowledgement

REPORT: Sample Text/Email/Social Media Post

Stewarding donors means confirming, informing, and affirming. Reporting impact doesn’t have to mean a fancy printed publication or highly designed infographics. 

You can send a short message – include a photo – via email, text, or social media. It can be as simple as this: 

Tool: Sample text/email/social media post: 

There’s only XX days until camp opens. We can’t wait until our campers discover the new XXXXXXXXXX we’ve added this summer. Thanks to generous friends like you, summer '23 will be the best ever at Camp Name!