Adjusting to Feedback - Realtime and After-the-Fact (2023/2024 Enrollment Webinar Series)

In 2023/2024, JCamp 180 is offering a series of webinars designed to give camp professionals the tools and skills to increase recruitment and retention. The series emphasizes the core elements of enrollment: strong storytelling, top-notch customer service, data-driven decision making, and a great summer program, and will focus primarily on the first three elements.

The series is designed for all camps: small and large camps; day and overnight camps; camps struggling with retention/recruitment and those doing well and looking to improve.

This session, held on March 6, focused on Adjusting to Feedback - Realtime and After-the-Fact and featured Aaron Hadley (Camp Ben Frankel) and Michael Wax (Beber Camp).

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