Using Social Media Tools to Communicate Effectively

Guest Post by Alli Thresher. Alli is the Digital Content Lead for PJ Library. Alli has been working as a social media manager, educator, and consultant for more than 10 years. This blog post is based on her popular session at the 2018 JCamp 180 Conference.

Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter -- the social media landscape can feel overwhelming, but social can be a wonderful – and effective – tool for keeping in touch with parents, donors, alumni, and staff year-round. This presentation from last year’s #JCampConf walks through best practices as well as innovative ideas for using social media during the summer and year-round, setting social media policies, and figuring out which tools work best for your camp.

Have any questions about new social media tools or using them to reach your camp goals? Let us know.

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