Learning from Philanthropists who Support Camp

Did you miss the panel at the JCamp 180 Annual Conference this year featuring Julie Platt (Board Chair, Foundation for Jewish Camp & Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles; Former Board Chair, Camp Ramah in California) and Harold Grinspoon (Founder of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation, including JCamp 180 and PJ Library)? Or do you just want to hear again from these two generous donors to Jewish Camp?

Here is a sampling of the insights shared by these two visionary philanthropists during the panel, which was moderated by Winnie Sandler Grinspoon, President of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation:

Julie (on stewardship):

"I just want to be seen as a donor and that I understand that you know me and you know what matters to me. That's actually the most important gift you can give me as a donor."

Harold (on stewarding donors, particularly Legacy donors)

“Unless you are able to nurture [and steward] the Philanthropists and Legacy donors, it's not going to work."


Harold (on asking for gifts, particularly Legacy gifts, to Jewish camp)

“There are so many people out there who want to leave their Legacy with camping, you're not being fair to them unless you bring them along.”


Julie (on receiving donor gifts)

“Camp swag is a blast.You're marketing for [the organization] ... on a daily basis by carrying it around...It gives me an opportunity to be an ambassador in the least likely places. I'm happy to do that.” 

Harold (on what he looks for in a site visit)

“I'm looking for leadership. I'm looking for the genius that's running that camp. I think all of you have a huge responsibility to make sure whoever runs that camp is ... very skilled. It all depends upon the leadership. I want to thank all of you who take that responsibility.”

Julie (on Endowment Campaigns)

“We can all breathe a little more easily when we have successful endowment campaigns...It's something that should be introduced at every camp over time...”

Julie (on thank you notes)

“Printed is fine with a handwritten note on the bottom. It's okay to have a well-established thank you message but I always take the time to write something by myself on the bottom.”

Want to learn more? Watch the full recording of the Philanthropist Panel above.

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