Who Cares?

Here at JCamp 180 world headquarters, we are big fans of marketing guru Seth Godin. And not just because he’s a camp alumnus and enthusiast

How much does Godin value camp? Here’s the money quote: “All the good things in my career are a direct descendant of what I did and learned [at camp].”

Godin’s blog is must reading for anyone interested in doing business better. And this post about the unfair advantage of caring from the fall of 2017 may be both the shortest and most important you could read.

Do you think your camp already enjoys the unfair advantage of caring more?

Do your customers – campers, families, staff, donors, volunteers, partners – agree?

How do you know?

And if your caring quotient could use a boost, do you know exactly how to care more – and be sure your customers can feel the difference?

Keep in mind that the standard for caring for your customers isn’t just your camp’s competitors. It’s also all the other organizations they interact with all the time.

So, if you want an unfair advantage, your goal needs to be to care at the level of Zappos* or Nordstrom* or charity:water*.

Creating a culture of caring more means asking thoughtfully and listening – really listening – to what your customers have to say about their experiences with you and what would make it better. 

Even if it’s hard to hear. Even if it rubs up against what you’ve come to believe about how much you care.

Ask. Listen. Ask. Listen.

Then deliver.
* Interested in learning more about how Zappos, Nordstrom’s, and charity:water show they care about their customers? Check out these articles: Zappos; Nordstrom; charity:water.

Written by Dan Kirsch. Dan
is a Mentor with JCamp 180. Dan’s focus area at JCamp 180 is organizing our annual conference each year. Dan also provides guidance for a number of our other professional development programs and opportunities.

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