Now is the right time to recruit volunteers for camp

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

The holiday season from Thanksgiving through Hanukkah always make us think extra hard about the things we should be grateful for. This time of year helps us remember how critically important it is to be aware of the opportunities around us.
This article from eJewishPhilanthropy shows us that threat and loss often bring opportunity and hope as well. Supported by new data, the article talks about how the events in Israel since October 7 have reignited the interest in Israelis to volunteer and donate in larger numbers. 
This need to contribute has grown in North America as well. How can your camp tap into this groundswell of interest in supporting the Jewish community? How can you operate from a position of strength and abundance? One idea: pursue volunteer recruitment for your camp.
Now is your opportunity to approach new people to serve on your boards and committees. These might be prominent people in the community who never had time for you before or may have even said no to you in the past. They might be new people - from your parents, alumni, donor base, etc.

In keeping with a culture of abundance, now is the time to strategically approach them and generously offer them a chance to make a real difference in ensuring the Jewish community remains strong and vibrant. They could serve on the board, a committee, or volunteer in other ways to support camp.
Have you spotted other opportunities to tap into this need for people to contribute? Let us know!

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