Conference Visuals

The 2022 JCamp 180 conference invited Brian Tarallo (Lizard Brain) to help facilitate and visualize many of the sessions.
Eureka Moments

Andrea Wasserman opened the conference with discussions about how and when we have eureka moments - moments of insight or inspiration. How can this knowledge help us rise to the challenges and opportunities of partnering with donors to support camp today, tomorrow, and forever? 


Fundraising Assessment

Attendees at the conference also discussed their experience with fundraising over the past few years during the crisis of the pandemic. What can we learn from our experiences? What strengths can we rely on? What vulnerabilities must we be aware of? And what other areas and ideas must we consider to ensure continued fundraising success today, tomorrow, and forever?

Shifting Our Mindset

Rae Ringel joined the conference from Israel to help us consider how we can shift our mindset to move our camp missions forward. 

Peer Spotlights

At the 2022 JCamp 180 conference, five attendees shared short stories highlighting how they and their camps had effectively strengthened their donor relationship development practices. Want to learn more so you can implement any of these ideas? Click here.

World Café

Attendees at the conference participated in a fast-paced experiential activity called World Café. During this exercise, participants responded to six different questions to help them consider how to best engage their supporters and build on their fundraising of the past few years today, tomorrow, and forever.

Some of the most prominent responses to these questions can be found below. Additional ideas can be found on the World Café page.

Culminating Visual

At the final session, conference attendees shared their biggest takeaways from the conference. These ideas and next steps are documented in this culiminating visual from the 2022 JCamp 180 conference.