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Alumni Outreach

Alumni Outreach Basics

Use these alumni outreach tools to keep your members involved and active.

Give 'em What They Want: Engaging Your Camp Alumni (WEBINAR)
Learn how to engage the alumni of your camp and keep them involved and active in the programs.
Creative Alumni Outreach Strategies (PPT)
Get creative and think "outside the box" for your alumni engagement strategies.
Successful Alumni Outreach - Tips and Techniques (PDF)
Why re-make the wheel? Read these successful alumni outreach tactics and techniques.
"Friends for Life": Engaging Jewish Camp Alumni (ARTICLE)
How can you engage camp alumni? Give them a reason to stay engaged.

Top 10 Tips for Finding Lost Alumni (ARTICLE)
Read these 10 quick tips to locate and reconnect with alumni that may have lost touch with.

Connecting with Alumni? There Might Be an App for That (ARTICLE)
All camps want to find and reengage their alumni. Could a mobile app be the answer for YOUR camp?

How to Write Alumni Profiles That Tell Your Story (ARTICLE)
Learn to write alumni bios that tell the story of your camp and experiences.
Ramah New England Job Description
Director of Annual Campaigns and Alumni Relations
Sample job description for a camp director
Camp Morasha Alumnight Event Mail Invitation (JPEG)
Example alumni outreach event mail invitation.
Camp Morasha Alumnight Event Flyer (JPEG)
Alumni outreach event flyer.
Camp Morasha Alumnight Event Advertisement (JPEG)
Sample event ad.
Camp Seneca Lake-Final Invite Sample (PDF)
Sampe alumni event invitation.
Camp Seneca Lake-Final Reply Card Sample (PDF)
Alumni event sample RSVP card.
Camp Seneca Lake-Program on Table Sample (PDF)
Alumni event on table sample material.
Camp Harlam 50th Anniversary Fundraising Gala Invite Sample (PDF)
Fundraising event sample pamphlet.
Camp Harlam 50th Anniversary Fundraising Gala RSVP Card Sample (PDF)
Fundraising event sample RSVP card.
Camp Harlam 50th Flyer Sample (PDF)
Fundraising event sample flyer.

Learn how to make your reunions memorable and enjoyable for all.

Making Reunions Work
How can you make your reunion work for you?
Making Reunions Work (PPT)
PowerPoint presentation on how to make reunions work.
Creative Alumni Outreach Strategies (WEBINAR)
When it comes to alumni outreach, get creative!
Using Personal Stories to Reach Out to Alumni (ARTICLE)
How to use personal stories to re-connect with alumni.  
Contests - Channeling The "Basic Human Urge To Compete" (ARTICLE)
How to use contests for community building and engage your alumni.