Resources and Downloads for Data2Donors

Samples, checklists, and more to help your camp get the most from Data2Donors

Data2Donors Basics

Here you will find resources about Data2Donors, as well as templates you will need to complete the course.

Welcome to Data2Donors

Data2Donors Program Requirements

Data2Donors Syllabus 2017/2018

Data2Donors Full Course Book

Frequently Asked Questions about Data2Donors

Template for Data2Donors State of the Data Report

Improving Your Data

Here you will find checklists, tips, and samples to help you find long lost alumni and update their information in your database.

Checklist - No More Dusty Records

Flagging New and Updated Records as D2D

Sample Letter to sign up for Alumni Directory from URJ Camp Eisner

How to Convert PDFs or Hardcopy Records into Excel for Import into Your Database

Data Formats for AlumniFinder and WealthEngine

Here you will find the data formats we will use to submit data to AlumniFinder and WealthEngine during Data2Donors.

AlumniFinder Upload Data Template

WealthEngine Upload Data Template

Welcoming Your Alumni

Here you will find checklists and samples to help you welcome your long-lost alumni and begin to rebuild a relationship with them.

Checklist - Creating a Welcome Packet

Sample Welcome Packet from Surprise Lake Camp

Sample Lost Alumni Letter from Camp Solomon Schechter

Volunteer Management and Fundraising

Here you will find tips and resources to help you and your team of volunteers begin to cultivate and solicit donations from your newly engaged alumni and friends.

Volunteer Management for Data2Donors

Why Jewish Camp Alumni and Friends Give Back to Camp

Donor Bill of Rights

Data2Donors Submission Forms

Here you will find links to required forms to submit as participants in the Data2Donors program. This may change throughout the course of  the program, but will contain a baseline survey, homework submission forms, and post-program report.

Data2Donors Baseline Survey 2017

Homework #1 (due November 8, 2017)

Homework #2 (due January 7, 2018)

Homework #3 (due May 10, 2018)

Homework #4 (due May 24, 2018)

Data2Donors Post-Program Year Out Report