Has Your Camp Sent a Text Message Yet?

by Kevin Martone, Technology Program Manager, JCamp 180

Did you know that the average American sends over 40 text messages each day? And nearly all of them are read…almost immediately? Text messaging has become a staple of communication for many people; so why haven't nonprofits embraced this communication channel?

This article from Nonprofit Quarterly discusses the great potential of text messages for nonprofits and shares a few examples of nonprofits focusing on texting for advocacy, programming, and fundraising.

But have nonprofit Jewish camps embraced this technology yet? For example, camps might use texting to:

  • Let parents know their child's bus is on its way (or delayed).
  • Notify parents about an emergency at camp.
  • Communicate with staff when an emergency occurs (or dangerous weather is in the forecast) at camp.
  • Alert donors or alumni registered for events of important updates.
  • Engage a particular segment of your audience with a targeted question or update.

Unlike email and social media updates, texts are reviewed quickly and rarely get buried in a wave of information. And mobile phone usage has become nearly ubiquitous. Every camp needs to at least consider text messaging as part of its communication strategy. Interested in learning more? Here are a few more articles about how nonprofits can use text messaging.

Has your camp tried text messaging? Let us and your peers know about your experiences.