Getting Ready to Participate in a Web or Video Conference

As a participant in a Web or Video Conference, there are some things you can do to make sure your time (and the time of the organizers!) is well spent.

  • Prepare in advance. If there are materials provided to review in advance of the meeting, be sure to do so. It's difficult to concentrate on prepared resources and the live discussion simultaneously.
  • Log in early. Join the meeting a few minutes early and check your audio and video setup. Were you able to join the meeting successfully? Is your audio working? (Most systems have an option to test your speakers and microphone.)
  • Use a wired network. If possible, connect to the session via a wired internet connection. A Wireless connection (using WiFi) could disrupt your audio or video.
  • Mute yourself. If you are not speaking, mute your audio. This reduces background noise and echo for everyone else involved in the session.
  • Find a quiet, calm space. If you join from a busy, noisy location, that background noise will make it difficult for others to hear you when you speak. Visual "noise" can be just as distracting.
  • Use a headset. If possible, a headset connected to your phone or computer may make your audio much clearer than using your computers microphone and speakers or cellphone.
  • Participate! If you have something substantive to share with your peers during the session, make sure your voice is heard! Listen for how you can get involved in the conversation.