Are You Still Tracking Constituents and Gifts with Excel?


This video was produced by DonorPerfectOnline, the fundraising software many of the camps affiliated with JCamp 180 utilize. The video talks in general about the advantages of using a fundraising/donor management software rather than simply excel spreadsheets or other generic technologies to manage fundraising and contact management efforts.

These systems allow for easy reporting on campaign and solicitation efforts, maintaining constitutent contact in one centralized place, and automating important functions like creating pledge reminders and acknowledgements.

There are many systems out there. The key is to find the system that works best within each organization's business processes, staff resources, and data needs. And remember that the greatest system in the world won't work effectively unless the processes and resources to implement it are in place.

Are you using fundraising software? If so, what system are you using? What works well? What is currently lacking?