Beyond Boring eNewsletters: Innovative Communications - March 27th, 2012

On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, Camp Laurelwood Development Director Rob Goldfarb and Camp Morasha Director Jeremy Joszef led a Webinar called Beyond Boring eNewsletters: Innovative Communications.

During this session, Rob and Jeremy discussed how they managed to break through the communications clutter to engage their constituents. Do you wonder if your message is getting out to your campers, parents, prospects, and alumni? Do you question the effectiveness of your communications efforts? Rob and Jeremy highlight Camp Morasha's iPad app and Camp Laurelwood's efforts to bridge the gap between Facebook and real-world relationships to show how they connected with their audience.


Beyond Boring eNewsletters: Innovative Communications (PPT) - Download
Presentation describing how Camp Laurelwood and Camp Morasha used innovative communications to reach their audience.

Sharing the Bright Spots of Effective Technology Use (LINK) - Click Here
Recap of examples from the 2011 Conference highlighting camps that leveraged technology well, including the Camp Laurelwood and Camp Morasha examples from this Webinar. Also highlights URJ Camp Eisner's successful phone-a-thon.

eNewsletters 201: Using Story to Optimize your eNewsletters (DOC) - Download
Synopsis of 2010 JCamp 180 Conference session focusing on how to make your eNewsletters stand out and not boring.

Camp Morasha video - My Commitment (VIDEO) - Watch
Explains why Camp Director Jeremy Joszef works at Jewish Camp. Can apply to any Jewish Camp professional.

Camp Morasha video - Flash Mob (VIDEO) - Watch
Fun video of a Flash Mob organized by Camp Morasha campers.

Video of Stefan Teodosic, Camp Director of Beber (VIDEO) - Watch
In this short video, Stefan Teodosic discusses Beber Camp's iPad app. Stefan discusses why they created the app and how they focused on a particular goal - improving customer service for existing parents - and implemented a plan (and a technology solution) to meet that goal.

Give 'em What They Want: Engaging Your Camp Alumni (VIDEO) - Watch
A recording of a Webinar focused on effectively engaging with your Camp Alumni. Includes a number of related resources.

Camp Memes

During the Webinar, Dena Kaufman from URJ Camp Newman mentioned that her campers had begun creating and sharing Camp Memes. What are Memes? Wikipedia defines Internet Memes as concepts that spread rapidly from person to person via the Internet, through email, blogs, forums, social networking sites, etc. These meme-creationi sites might help you better understand meme - or

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