Marketing & Communications

Communicating your brand to achieve camp goals

Why Marketing & Communications?
How can you tell your camp's story to meet your enrollment, fundraising, and other engagement goals?

Your communications - digital (email, website, social media) and traditional (mailings, phone calls, and face-to-face) - and marketing are your chance to tell your audiences about the impact of camp. By harnessing the power of strong storytelling you can reach your target audiences, engage authentically with your community, and increase your brand awareness.  

Creating a comprehensive communications plan will help elevate your fundraising efforts, expand your recruitment reach, and give your community the tools to further your advocacy. 
Year-Round Communications
While the summer experience is intensive and impactful, you can keep the community and feeling alive through year round engagement. By creating specialized communications for your camper families, campers, alumni, donors, and community, the engagement will deepen, leading to a more committed, generous, and active community. 
Summer Communications
Summer is your time to shine! Through sharing the story of camp with your community, you can give them the tools to help in your recruitment, fundraising, and outreach. For every camper you have at camp, there are probably 3-4 additional people reading your emails, looking at your photos, and following your content. 

Planning strategically for summer will set you up for year-round communications, fundraising, and enrollment success. 
You can learn a lot from other Jewish camps, and we encourage camps to freely share samples, tips, and tools with one another through our Knowledge Center.  If you don’t see what you are looking for here, please try using the search function on the main Knowledge Center page where many more resources are housed. 
These Marketing & Communications samples from other camps have been some of the most requested items in recent years.

JCamp 180 is committed to helping your organization apply best practices to your camp’s communications. We’ve hand-picked the resources below to get you started. For our full set of resources on this topic, click the “More Marketing & Communications Resources” button at the bottom of the page to go to the main Knowledge Center page. You can either further refine your search using keywords or scroll through all the resources.