Obtaining Solid Commitments - Webinar

2018 Legacy Webinar focused on moving beyond "Letters of Intent" to formalized commitments

April 22, 2018

A supporter of your camp has submitted their Letter of Intent (LOI) – that’s great! So…what’s next?
This webinar covered successful strategies to guide your Legacy members to make a specific commitment to leave an after-life gift to your organization…and communicate the details to you and your camp. Following these simple steps will lead to confidence that your camp's Legacy program will result in the receipt of your Legacy members’ after-life gifts.
The webinar covered both the process and the approaches that work to ask your members to move beyond just signing a letter indicating their intention to leave a Legacy gift. More importantly, this approach will ensure your Legacy Members feel respected, honored, deeply appreciated, and even more profoundly connected with your camp.
This webinar covered: 
  • The most common ways people formalize their commitments
  • Approaches for contacting your Legacy members that they will truly love and appreciate
  • Common mistakes to avoid when pursuing formalization 
  • How to engage volunteers to help with follow-up and follow-through
  • Sample approaches used by other camps

Webinar Recording

Please find the recording of the "Obtaining Solid Commitments" webinar below:


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