Caring for your Legacy Members - Webinar

2018 Legacy Webinar with tips for effective stewardship of Legacy donors

April 19, 2018

Staying in touch and appreciating your Legacy members works wonders. Not only does it help retain your members and inspires them to turn their LOIs into solid gift commitments, but it also moves them to give generous annual contributions as well.

But how much and how often should you appreciate your Legacy members? Is it possible to overdo it? How do you sustain the effort year after year? 

This webinar covered successful strategies for establishing an ongoing, never-ending attitude of gratitude for your Legacy members. Your strategic efforts to build sustainable habits of donor stewardship ensures your Legacy members will feel respected, honored, deeply appreciated, and even more profoundly connected with your camp. We covered the fundamentals and shared success stories from other camps. You’ll finish this webinar with useful ideas you can implement right away. 
This webinar covered:
  • The role of gratitude in retaining Legacy members
  • Simple approaches your Legacy members will truly love and appreciate
  • Common mistakes to avoid 
  • How to engage volunteers to help with stewardship
  • Guest speakers who will share what they do for Legacy stewardship and why it works
Webinar Recording

Please find the recording of the "Caring for Your Legacy Members" webinar below: