Ways and Places to Recruit Board Members

by Michael Miloff and Natasha Dresner, JCamp 180 Mentors

The annual recruitment of great Board members is perhaps the most critical, long-term function of any camp. A great recruitment process will help forge a strong Board, create a vibrant pipeline for committee members, and build awareness, brand and networks with the groups to whom Board opportunities are promoted.
JCamp 180 held a webinar on this topic: Strategic Recruitment of Board Members. You can also find a two-page Self-Assessment form based on best practices and a companion comprehensive Board recruitment toolkit on our website for those of you who to take a deeper dive.
One of the most important questions that mentors hear about is “How and where can I find new Board members? Here are some suggestions in the toolkit and shared by your Board chairs at the April 5 webinar.
  • Look at top candidates from last year who declined but may be interested this year
  • Ask for suggestions from current and past Board and Committee members and senior staff
  • Get referrals from leaders of your local Federation, JCCs, synagogues and other communal institutions
  • Convene a one-time advisory group of well-connected friends of the camp and ask their advice and get their suggested names
  • Check out Board members about to retire from other comparable Boards
  • Send out a letter to parents, alumni and friends of the camp inviting them to apply or refer others
  • Promote the Board and any Committee opportunities on your web site, email, newsletter, social media and even office signage
  • Promote via friendly partner web sites and their e_newsletter and other communications
  • Get an article in local media covering the exciting things happening with your camp and your search for new Board members
We encourage you to take a look at the self-assessment and tool kit which delves into more detail on this topic while covering all the many aspects of recruiting Board members from structuring the Nominating/Governance Committee to setting criteria to meeting with potential candidates.