Will Board Members Still Love Us If We Can't Meet at Camp This Summer?

Webinar about how to make your summer board meeting meaningful in 2021

Most boards and camp committees have their summer meetings at camp. Unfortunately, to ensure camp is a safe "bubble," this won't be possible this year for most.

What does that mean for YOUR board? Do you hold the meeting virtually? Meet at an alternate location? Meet at camp in the fall when campers and staff have returned safely home? Skip it completely?

And, if you are still meeting, how do you make it meaningful, but also respect the immense stress and time constraints on camp staff this summer?

In this Wednesday, June 9, 2021 webinar, camp board/committee members and other camp leaders learned/shared how to make their summer board meeting meaningful this year. Participants shared their own ideas and challenges in planning their board meeting this summer.

Webinar Recording