Question from the community - Should we Set Fundraising Minimums for our Board Members?

During our Webinar on Annual Gift Campaigns, we received the following question:

We do not require board members any minimum fundraising goals - giving or raising. Should we implement minimum fundraising requirements? What is the norm for nonprofits?

JCamp 180 Mentor Dan Kirsch provides an answer:

There really is no "norm" and our Camps' policies on board giving vary. Most camps, however, do not require specific dollar amounts to give and/or "get" for the board. The trend among nonprofits in the small to medium size range (as opposed to large universities, hospitals, and national or global scale orgs) is to clearly convey the expectation that board members will make the camp one of their top philanthropic priorities during their tenure on the board. Some say "make an annual gift that is significant for me" or "make a gift that reflects my commitment to camp and my personal means."

Similarly, when it comes to "getting", most camps do not set actual dollar amounts expected. Instead they expressly set the expectation that all board members will participate in fundraising activities for the camp in the ways best suited to their abilities and the camp's needs.

Does your nonprofit set fundraising minimums for your board members? 

In the meantime, check out our Annual Giving Campaigns Webinar recording (and other resources).