Online Giving Tools

Note: Pricing and functionality from each of these vendors may have changed since these reviews were written. Please check with the vendors for updated information before making a decision.

If you plan to offer online giving for the first time or are looking for a new vendor to improve your online fundraising results, you should look at our Online Giving Best Practices article.

Ready to select a vendor for your online fundraising? The following table details the costs, pros, and cons of a handful of potential online giving vendors. There are many other solutions available, but these providers offer a good variety of functionality at reasonable prices. They also don't require too much technical expertise to get up and running.


Network For Good Donate Now is a great option with lots of functionality. They create a donation form that looks just like your website, but is hosted on their servers. And it is easy for you to add/remove fields from the form. However, DonateNow has relatively expensive setup and monthly fees. Also, donors' credit card statements will say the gift was to Network For Good, not your camp. Finally, money is received by the camp monthly.

Qgiv has very similar functionality to Network For Good. There is a tradeoff on price, however - Qgiv has lower monthly costs, but higher per transaction costs. Qgiv also has an integrated events module and some interesting features not found anywhere else.

Razoo!  offers a relatively inexpensive, very simple widget you can integrate into your website. No setup or monthly fees are a plus. Razoo! offers the same pricing for peer-to-peer fundraising as well. Like Network For Good, donations to Razoo! will show as going to Razoo (not to your organization) and money is received monthly. For very basic online giving functionality, Razoo! is worth considering.

Click & Pledge offers a variety of pricing options for online giving with little customization. Their cheapest option might be worth considering for an organization just getting started with online giving or that receives very few gifts.

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Other Comments

Network For Good DonateNow

  • Setup = $199
  • Monthly = $59.95
  • Per transaction = 3%
  • Replicate look and feel of website nearly completely.
  • Recurring donations
  • Can add as many fields as you like
  • Mobile-friendly donation page that automatically detects smartphones
  • Must leave website to donate.
  • Donor's credit card statement will say payment was to Network for Good
  • Donations paid to organization monthly (15th of the month)
  •  Network for Good EventsNow is not integrated with DonateNow.



  • Setup = Free
  • Monthly = Free
  • Per transaction = 4.9%
  • Inexpensive option - no setup or monthly fees;  reasonable transaction costs
  • Recurring donations
  • Can set up as many widgets as you want right on your website - one for each fund or campaign, for example.
  • Offers same costs for peer-to-peer fundraising efforts
  • Limited customization
  • Cannot add "fund" dropdown to widget; must create separate widgets for each fund.
  • Donor's credit card statement will say payment was to Razoo!
  • Donations paid to organization monthly (10th of the month)

Razoo! Offers a small widget you can place on a page on your website to accept donations. The widget cannot be customized with additional fields

DonorPerfect Online WebLink

  • Setup = $200-$500 to customize form like website
  • Monthly = $50 ($40 for forms; $10 for credit card processing)
  • Per transaction = 2.99% + $0.30
  • Integration with DPO
  • Recurring donations
  • High setup and monthly costs
  • Limited Customization - forms feel somewhat restrictive
  • Must leave website to donate
  • Cannot enter gifts into backend (but can use web form if necessary)

Pay extra for integration with DPO. Is it worth it?


  • Setup = $199
  • Monthly = $25
  • Per transaction = 3.95% + $0.25
  • Replicate look and feel of website nearly completely.
  • Recurring donations
  • Can add as many fields as you like
  • Only one form, but can make separate URLs to form with "restrictions" (funds) pre-selected for specific campaigns
  • Credit card statement will say name of camp
  • Can make form mobile-friendly (but must send people specific mobile link)
  • Can enter gifts into the backend
  • Must leave website to donate.

Very similar to Network For Good. Tradeoff on price: Lower monthly cost but higher per transaction costs. If you get more than ~20 gifts for ~$2,000 per month, Network for Good may be cheaper.

Integrated Events module. No cost to organization when people register for Free events.

Has interesting option to create "packages" for people to donate to. For example, $2,000 over 6 weeks to pay for one child's session at camp. Can create URL directly to this package.

Qgiv has direct integration with ConstantContact, other tools.

Click & Pledge

Range of fee structures:

  • Setup = Free
  • Monthly = $1.50 to $35
  • Per transaction = 2.75% + $0.15 to 3.25% + $0.75
  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Easy to set up
  • Recurring gifts
  • Credit card statement will show camp name.
  • Donations are deposited to camp within 48 hours.
  • Not integrated into website
  • Limited customization - colors; may be able to add a logo; but does NOT replicate look and feel of your site.

Offer a variety of pricing options. The cheapest option might be worth trying if not expecting many gifts. The more expensive options don't offer as much functionality as Network for Good or QGiv for similar pricing

PayPal Payments Standard

  • Setup = Free
  • Monthly = Free
  • Per transaction = 2.2% + $0.30
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to set up
  • Donors can pay by credit card or via PayPal account
  • Must leave website to donate.
  • PayPal uses Shopping Cart and is NOT optimized for fundraising, so form feels very cold and transactional.
  • Limited customization of form - fields, colors, branding, etc.
  • Cannot customize email confirmation - very transactional.

We do not recommend using Paypal for online giving. The process is very transactional and donors can be confused by the process.

Paypal offers the lowest fees, but a relatively small investment in a service focused on online giving can bring big results by focusing on online giving best practices.