Move 'Em to Act - Crafting Effective Annual Appeals - October 25th, 2011

On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, JCamp 180 Mentors Jill Paul and Julia Riseman led a Webinar called Move 'Em to Act - Crafting Effective Annual Appeals.

During this session, Jill and Julia addressed how to weave your organization's special story into a powerful annual appeal letter. Do you dread writing yet another appeal letter to ask for money to your cause? Do you struggle to write appeal letters or emails that draw the reader in and motivate them to give? You'll learn best practices for getting your prospects' attention and encouraging them to give ... as well as common mistakes you'll want to avoid.



Move 'Em to Act - Crafting Effective Annual Appeals (PPT) - Download
Presentation describing how to write effective appeal letters that motivate donors to give to your cause.

Be Noticed - How to Make Your Camp's Appeal Letter Stand Out (LINK) - Click Here
Article describing how to make your camp's appeal letter stand out for your readers and prompt them to give.

Baker's Dozen for Appeal Letters (PDF) - Click Here
Go-to resources for appeal letter information, samples, ideas, trends, and inspiration.

35 Mistakes You Can Avoid (LINK) - Click Here
Article defining mistakes to avoid in direct mail fundraising from Written by Jerry Huntsinger.

Annual Campaign Timeline (PDF) - Click Here
Sample timeline for Fall Campaign activities.

Annual Appeal Letter Timeline with To Do List (PDF) - Click Here
Sample Annual Appeal Letter timeline with detailed to do list.

Annual Appeal Letter Checklist (PDF) - Click Here
A convenient checklist you can use to test your appeal letters for effectiveness.

Supporting Advancement Website (LINK) - Click Here
Website offering a wealth of resources on topics of interest to nonprofits, focusing on development.

Free-Range Thinking Newsletter (LINK) - Click Here
Free monthly Newsletter on Storytelling from Andy Goodman.


Watch "Move 'Em to Act"