Making the Case for Funding Jewish Camp

At the Jewish Funders Network (JFN) meeting held in San Diego in April 2016, major philanthropists were presented with the case for contributing to Jewish Summer Camps. Green books, according to the JFN website, are "guides for investing intelligently in the Jewish community" that explain to potential funders a "challenge facing the Jewish community, [map] out the background and current status, and [detail] a wide range of funding approaches." This fourth publication in the JFN Green Book series presents the case for Jewish Camps to be considered as the recipient of funds from philanthropists. The booklet, written by former Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) Executive Director Ramie Arian, highlights the history of camp financing, the benefits that a camp experience offers children, and shares ways potential supporters can impact either an individual camp or the broader field of Jewish camping.

As one of the earliest foundations to support Jewish camping, and with a mission of helping camps increase their fundraising capacity, we at JCamp 180 believe that this guide is an essential document, one that should be part of every camp's development library. Although not all 97 pages of the booklet are applicable to each camp, it will none-the-less serve as a valuable reference to your staff in fundraising efforts. Within the booklet are numerous examples you can cite in your fundraising conversations with both long-time and potential donors. The pamphlet provides a framework for those conversations, a process that JCamp 180 Mentors have long been encouraging camps to use to better engage donors. 

The staff at JCamp 180 is proud to have been asked to participate in the review and editing of the booklet and we want to add our voices to those who are spreading the word about the value of this document. We strongly encourage each of you to download a copy of this Greenbook: Funding Jewish Overnight Camp. We know it will be worth your effort.

Mark Gold
Director, JCamp 180

Revised 2/28/24