Is Your Camp Ready for a Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign?

by Maureen Wallbeoff, Vice President of Firefly Partners

Creating any new fundraising program takes time and money. Take a look around your organization and ask yourself if you are ready to start a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Fundraising Campaign. It's far better to take a hard look at your internal capacity and budget early on than to realize you aren't ready two months into your implementation project. Readiness evaluation includes items like people, process, comfort with technology and capacity for risk.

Read through the following quick questions to see if your camp is ready for P2P Fundraising:

Do you have the internal capacity?
  • Do you have the time set up a campaign and promote it?
  • Do you have the energy to set up a campaign and promote it?
Do you have the enthusiasm?
  • Do you have a champion who is excited about the idea (either on staff or as a volunteer)?
  • Is there internal buy-in for the idea, or permission to try new things?

Did you answer no to any of the questions above? If so, you might decide to wait on a P2P approach until you have both the internal capacity for a program and the drive to make it a success.

If you answered yes to all four of the questions above your camp is ready! But let's look at your community before we get started…

Is your network ready? 
  • Has anyone ever approached you about running an "-athon" event or fundraising on your behalf in a different way? (maybe a Bar/Bat Mitzvah campaign?)
  • Have you ever received a check from a supporter who raised money through a program or campaign they ran on their own?
  • Do you have a dedicated community eager to lend a hand?

If you can answer yes to one of these questions as well, you are ready to go! Peer-to-Peer Fundraising seems like a good match for you and your camp. Want help with the next step? First, read this article about five steps to success in P2P Fundraising Campaigns. Looking for more customized assistance? Firefly Partners is ready to help you and your organization make smart decisions and ensure that you get an ROI on your investment. Contact us to learn more!