A Culture of Philanthropy - Building on What Works in Challenging Times

In this webinar, participants discussed how to use the pandemic to make good decisions for the present & deepen connections w/ colleagues, their mission & their supporters for long term sustainability

On Wednesday, April 1, 2020, inspired by the work done in the JCamp 180 GIFT programs, JCamp 180 Mentor Laurie Herrick led a facilitated webinar discussion about what camps can be doing now to cultivate strong relationships with their donors and build a Culture of Philanthropy.

These are the rainy days you prepared for. Each of you have built strong organizations with meaningful visions and missions. You’ve done some things well, and inevitably, we all wish we had done some things even better.

How do we respond to a rampant infectious disease in a way that supports our personal well-being, the work of our agencies, and our greater community? We are asked to be physically apart, and yet we have an opportunity to be more deeply connected in a way that we could not in our previous, everyday fast-paced world.

In this session participants examined:
  • How do we address the crisis affecting Jewish camp?
  • How do we use this crisis to both make good decisions for our present time and deepen connections with your colleagues, your mission and your supporters for long term sustainability?
  • How can board members help your agency employ best governance practices for times of crisis?
  • How can we maintain connection with our staff, board, supporters and stakeholders?
  • How to lead your agency in a way that advances your work beyond where it currently is.


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