Responding to the Coronavirus Crisis - Enrollment Program Webinar

Hear from your peers about how they are responding to coronavirus and planning for the future

On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 40+ participants joined a special crisis-related Enrollment Program Webinar to hear how other camps are dealing with the coronavirus crisis and break out into groups to share additional questions and potential solutions together. We think you and your camp will benefit from this webinar recording, too. Please see the timestamps below if you want to go directly to a specific portion of the session.

The webinar recording is broken up into 2 parts:

Part 1 (Click here to view the recording of Part 1): 

5:20 - Opening Remarks from Rabbi Marc Soloway 
11:20 - Agenda
14:05 - Ari Polsky, Crisis Communications & Programming Response (Download Ari's slides here)
31:30 - Matt Levitt, Ramah in the Rockies Business/Operations Preparation for Coronavirus (Download Matt's slides here)

Part 2 (Click here to view the recording of Part 2): 

1:10 - Insurance/Refunds Breakout Group Summary
5:35 - Financial Scenarios Breakout Group Summary
12:10 - Enrollment Scenarios Breakout Group Summary
20:07 - Fundraising Breakout Group Summary
23:25 - Communications Breakout Group Summary
26:54 - Insights from Discussions with JCamp 180 Camps 

Note: You can find the notes from all five Breakout Groups here