Recruitment and Retention: Return on Investment

On Friday, June 12 at 1 PM EST, JCamp 180 Mentors Aron Goldman, Michael Miloff, and Mitch Kupperman led a live webinar about JCamp 180's powerful new ROI analysis tool.

What is the ROI analysis tool? It is a complex (but easy to use) spreadsheet that helps camps understand the impact of their investment in recruitment and retention over time, and use that information as the basis for strategically planning their future investments in time and resources. Staff and lay leaders are encouraged to view this webinar. After viewing the webinar, participants will be prepared to fill out the ROI analysis tool with their own camp's data.

*Note: We recommend working with Aron, Michael, or your JCamp 180 Mentor before using the tool with your staff and camp Board.


WATCH: Return on Investment Analysis (ROI) for Enrollment



Recruitment and Retention - ROI Analysis - Powerpoint Presentation shown during Webinar

Recruitment and Retention - ROI Analysis Model - Tool developed by JCamp 180 Mentors and shown during the Webinar. Feel free to download to use for your own camp. However, we highly recommend reviewing it with Michael Miloff, Aron Goldman, or your JCamp 180 Mentor before working on it together with your camp staff or board.