Enrollment 2021 Drop-In 2: Facing the Challenge Together

Second in a series of three drop-in webinars on Summer 2021 Enrollment

Nonprofit Jewish camps are facing enormous uncertainty around Summer 2021:
  • What if our capacity is slashed?
  • Will scholarship demand soar? Will traditional incentives work?
  • What health and safety accommodations will we need to make?
  • Can we depend on our traditional recruitment channels?
  • How can we secure the trust of first-time camper families?
  • How can we communicate with families effectively with so many unanswered questions?
  • How do you determine tuition pricing and incentives with more competition and fewer resources?
  • How will the increased deposits/rollover tuition from Summer 2020 affect your Summer 2021 planning?
  • How can year-round programming build commitment for summer 2021?
No one knows for sure what camp will look like next summer. But we can join together to draw on our best available thinking to craft effective enrollment strategies.

In this webinar - the 2nd in a series of 3 - camp staff and lay leaders discussed their questions, concerns, ideas, and innovations about Summer 2021 enrollment. 

In addition, JCamp 180 Analytics Manager Herschel Singer discussed the results of the recent JCamp 180 survey about camps' status re: opening Summer 2021 Enrollment.

Webinar Recording


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