Customer Satisfaction at Camp: CSI and SSI

Enrollment Program Webinar focused on customer satisfaction: CSI and SSI

This webinar - recorded on February 2, 2021 - was hosted by the JCamp 180 Enrollment Program and co-presented with the Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC). The session focused on Customer Satisfaction, and featured Mark Sass, President of the Summation Research Group, the company that conducts camper (CSI) and staff (SSI) satisfaction research for FJC, and Nila Rosen, FJC's Director of Learning and Research. We were also joined by Marina Lewin, FJC's Chief Operating Officer.

This presentation covered:
  • Long-term trends for key Camper Satisfaction Insights (CSI) and Staff Satisfaction Insights (SSI) measures
  • Regional differences observed on key CSI measures
  • Camp size and its impact on camper satisfaction
  • Relationship between CSI and there consistency?
  • Health/safety, historically stable findings and how the pandemic will affect current and potentially new measures
  • Significant upcoming changes to CSI and SSI 2021

Webinar Recording