Clean Up Your Camper Retention: Leveraging Data and Best Practices

Enrollment Webinar led by Ari Polsky and Josh Steinharter

As you begin the sprint to opening for summer, are you confident that you can deliver those last returning campers who haven’t registered yet?

Whether you have 10 or 100 unregistered returners in your database, would you benefit from proven ideas, strategies, and valuable retention data to help you deliver every possible camper for summer 2022?

On March 23, 2022, Ari Polsky, Program Manager for Client Services at JCamp 180, and Josh Steinharter, Founder and Senior Director of Maccabi Sports Camp, shared proven tools, tips, and tricks to identify, engage, and activate your most promising unregistered campers and help get you maximize your recruitment and retention success for the summer.

This is the second in JCamp 180’s series of Spring 2022 workshops to help you optimize your enrollment work for Summer ’22…and beyond! We designed this series to deliver timely, actionable ideas and tools to meet your recruitment needs.

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Follow-up Tips from Ari and Josh

  • The data that matters for Ari might not be the same as what matters for Josh or for you. Ask yourself “what questions am I looking to answer, or problems am I looking to solve by seeking out data?”Don’t be a solution in search of a problem.
  • Sumif, Countif, X-Lookup, and Array formulas are the primary formulas you will need. Focus your learning on these.
  • ​Create a plan to regularly review important data observations and formulate action steps.
  • Not all data is created equal! Look at it closely and use it to prioritize your work. Two synagogues with 60% retention may not merit the same attention if one is 6 of 10 campers and the other is 120 of 200. Camp directors are busy; better to spend your time understanding why 80 kids from one demographic are not returning to camp than chasing those other 4.