Driving Camper Satisfaction - Lessons from the Field

On May 14th, 2015 JCamp 180 Mentors Aron Goldman and Michael Miloff (and some special guests) led a Webinar entitled Driving Camper Satisfaction - Lessons from the Field.

Every year dozens of camps conduct a Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) Customer Satisfaction Survey. On this Webinar, Mark Sass, FJC's Customer Satisfaction Insights founder and guru, shared his perspectives from ten years of surveying over 100,000 camper experiences. Mark broke down what factors influence - and do not influence - overall satisfaction and the likelihood of having campers recommending your camp. Mark also told us what's planned for future surveys. Then Aaron Selkow, Director of URJ Camp Harlam, presented some industry-leading ways for your camp to go beyond "Wow!" in those aspects of camp that are most important to your camp families and thereby help you boost camper retention and recruitment.

This Webinar will help you learn how to drive camper satisfaction to improve retention and recruitment.


WATCH: Driving Camper Satisfaction - Lessons from the Field




Mark Sass' Webinar Presentation re: the CSI (Powerpoint) - Presentation shared by Mark Sass about the Foundation for Jewish Camp's Customer Satisfaction Insights (CSI) survey.

Aaron Selkow's Webinar Presentation - "From Feedback to WOW" (Prezi) - Presentation shared by Aaron Selkow about how to use the CSI effectively.

URJ Camp Harlam 2014 "Look Back…Look Ahead" presentation (Prezi) - URJ Camp Harlam presentation sharing learns from 2014 and changes coming in 2015 based on feedback.

URJ Camp Harlam 2013 "Look Back…Look Ahead" presentation with narration (PowerPoint on YouTube) - URJ Camp Harlam presentation sharing learns from 2013 and changes coming in 2014 based on feedback.