Using Data to Inform Decisions - April 19th, 2012

On Thursday, April 19, 2012, Alyia Bettman from the Foundation for Jewish Camp co-led a Webinar called Using Data to Inform Decisions.

During this session, Alan Friedman from Camp Mountain Chai and Stacey Jaffe from URJ Camp George shared their camps' experiences effectively utilizing the FJC's Customer Satisfaction Insights surveys to improve their programs and communications. Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of data at your fingertips? Do you struggle to use survey feedback or other analytics in a constructive way? This webinar shows how these two camps pinpointed a perceived weakness and turned it into a strength.


Using Data to Inform Decisions (PPT)
Presentation describing how Camp Mountain Chai and URJ Camp George used the Foundation for Jewish Camp's Customer Satisfaction Insights survey to improve their programs and communications.

Prepare for Take-Off: Pilot Your Camp Using Stats and Feedback (LINK)
Article describing data available to all camps - website analytics; eNewsletter statistics; Facebook Insights; and survey feedback - and the questions it can help answer.

URJ Camp George Blog (LINK)
Link to URJ Camp George's blog, discussed in detail during the Webinar.

Track and Segment Your Data for Annual Giving Campaigns (LINK)
Article that discusses how to clean up and use your constituent data to improve your annual giving campaigns.


Watch: "Using Data to Inform Decisions"