No More Dusty Records

On September 24, 2013 JCamp 180 Mentor Julia Riseman and Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone led a Webinar entitled No More Dusty Records.

During this session, Julia and Kevin discussed how camps can find and reconnect with their alumni and other constituents so they can:

  • Communicate directly with more people who are passionate about their camp
  • Grow the number of people who support their camp

Growing your base of support for recruitment and fundraising starts with a commitment to unearth old and dusty records and get as many names (and associated contact information) entered correctly into your database.

This webinar will show you how to improve the number (and quality) of records in your donor database. After viewing this webinar, you'll know where to look to find your camp's missing alumni, parents, grandparents, donors, and other constituents.

The Webinar recording and other resources below can help your camp find and reconnect with your alumni and other constituents.


No More Dusty Records Presentation PPT - Download

Check-list to update your database (DOC) - Download
One-page list of activities camps can take on to find lost alumni and clean up their database.

Find more resources about Alumni Outreach in our Knowledge Center.

WATCH: No More Dusty Records

No More Dusty Records from Harold Grinspoon Foundation on Vimeo.