Making Reunions Work - March 17th, 2009

This summer, Camp Ramah In Wisconsin will hold three separate reunions for various groups of Alumni. On March 17, 2009, Robin Rubenstein, Alumni Coordinator of Camp Ramah In Wisconsin, presented the What, Why, and How of their successful Alumni Reunions. 

Kevin Martone, Technology Program Manager of JCamp 180, also led a brief discussion of online event registration tools that can make the process of organizing all of your events easier for you and your Alumni. 

The presentations and a recording of the Webinar itself are available below.


Making Reunions Work PowerPoint - Download
This presentation details the How, What, and Why of Camp Ramah in Wisconsin's various Alumni Reunions. Learn who is invited, how the reunions are organized, and what benefits both the camp and its alumni receive from these exciting events.

Overview and Online Event Registration - Download
This presentation includes a discussion of various Online Event Registration Tools - two camp examples are highlighted. This presentation also introduces the Webinar agenda and how to use the GoToWebinar tool that allows JCamp 180 to run these Webinars.


Watch "Making Reunions Work" Webinar Recording