JCamp 180 Training in Effective Communications

JTEC Provides Communications and Media Training to Camps

Remember when camp communications consisted of a simple hardcopy newsletter and a promotional brochure? And remember when an external consultant could handle all those things for you? Well, times have changed.

Today's Jewish camps must employ a full spectrum of online and traditional communications tools in connecting with donors, alumni, and current/prospective families. These tools – Facebook, Twitter, enewsletters – require significant technical, strategic, and creative training.

J-TECTo help affiliated camps get the communications mentoring they need, JCamp 180 has launched JTEC (JCamp 180 Training in Effective Communications). This initiative will provide camps with 21st century communications basics, helping to ensure their long-term sustainability in the Jewish world. 

What Is JTEC?

As camps plan (and build) for the future, they must connect in a human way with a growing number of supporters and stakeholders. With each passing year, however, comes a new media type or preferred method of contact. How can camps possibly manage communications using old and new media to various constituent groups?

JTEC (JCamp 180 Training in Effective Communications) was developed to help camps get a handle on their communications needs and efforts. By working with JTEC, camp professionals will learn to:

  • Set camp communications goals.
  • Plan and coordinate communications across media and audiences.
  • Select the optimal communications medium (and utilize it effectively).
  • Define communications policies and procedures.
  • Prepare for future changes in technology.

JTEC Testimonial

In this short video, Gina McReynolds, Assistant Director at JCC Ranch Camp, discusses her experience in the JTEC Program and details the benefits the program had on her and her camp.

Applying to JTEC

Applications to the next cohort of JTEC are now closed.

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out to Technology Program Manager Kevin Martone.